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OneWay - I love you i kill you (vocal version)

by WALDASTER International Artists

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* lyrics それは全(すべ)て思(おも)い出(て)、苦(くる)しいよ- "i need you" Sorewa subete omoide, kurushii yo - "i need you" IT'S ALL MEMORIES, IT'S SO HARD - "I NEED YOU" 私(わたし)と共(とも)に永遠(えいえん)へと戦(たたか)おう Watashito tomoni eien he to tatakaou DON'T FORGET TO FIGHT WITH ME FOREVER 君(きみ)はこの暗(くら)い夜(よる)を走(はし)り続(つづ)ける Kimi ha kono kurai yoru wo hashiri tuzukeru YOU RUN IN THIS DARK NIGHT, FOR A WHILE 現実(げんじつ)を直面(ちょくめん)して、あ り の ま ま で Genjitsuwo chokumenshite, arinomama de FACING REALITY AND ACCEPT YOURSELF "dance" "dance" "dance" "dance" 君(きみ)に見(み)せるよ     Kimi ni miseruyo I WILL SHOW YOU 君(きみ)はでき-る Kimi ha dekiru YOU CAN GET IT 準備(じゅんび)をして junbiwoshite BE PREPARED "dance" "dance" "dance" "dance" "dance" "dance" "dance" "dance" "FLASH!" (guitar solo) "SPLASH!" "FLASH!" 全部(ぜんぶ)は思(おも)い出(て)、すご く辛(つら)いよ - "I love you" Zenbu wa omoide, sugoku tsurai yo - “I love you” IT'S ALL MEMORIES, IT'S SO HARD - "I LOVE YOU" 現実(げんじつ)を直面(ちょくめん)して、自分を受(う)け入(い)れて Genjitsu wo chokumen shite, jibun wo ukeirete FACING THE REALITY ACCEPT YOURSELF. "BANG!" 全部(ぜんぶ)は思(おも)い出(て)、すごく辛(つら)いよ - "I kill you" Zenbu wa omoide, sugoku tsurai yo - “I kill you” IT'S A MEMORY, IT'S SO HARD - "I KILL YOU" 例(たと)え、強(つよ)くなくても、戦(たたか)うぞ! Tatoe tsuyoku nakutemo tatakauzo EVEN IF I’M NOT STRONG I’LL FIGHT 私(わたし)が来(く)るのを待(ま)っててください Watashi ga kuru no wo mattete kudasai PLEASE WAIT FOR ME しっかりと優(やさ)しく抱(た)きしめて Shikari to yasashiku dakisimete HOLD ME TIGHTLY 私(わたし)を毎日(まいにち)許(ゆる)してください Watashi wo mainichi yurushite kudasai PLEASE FORGIVE ME EVERY DAY 私(わたし)の最初(さいしょ)のキスを殺(ころ)して Watashi no saisho no kisu wo koroshite KILL MY FIRST KISS 私(わたし)が来(く)るのを待(ま)っててください Watashi ga kuru no wo mattete kudasai PLEASE WAIT FOR ME 光(ひかり)に向(む)かって走(はし)り出そう Hikarinimukatte hashiridasou RUN TOWARDS THE LIGHT 少女(しょうじょ)は永遠(えいえん)の血(ち)を 飲(の)む Shoujo ha eien no chi wo nomu THE GIRL DRINKS THE ETERNAL BLOOD 道(みち)は僕(ぼく)らを自由(じゆう)にします Michi ha bokura wo jiyuu ni shimasu ROAD WILL MAKE US FREE (end)


released May 25, 2019


all rights reserved



WALDASTER International Artists Arezzo, Italy

▪ Waldaster, unformal team based on the development of videogames for fixed and mobile devices. Interaction 2D, 3D, Touch and VR

▪ All the audio artists who worked with their operas, allowed the emotions to enter from the ears and get straight to the heart

▪ "WALDASTER sound crew" is formed by international various artists who take turns in providing their sound like soundtracks of our games
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